Wounded Warrior Rehabilitation & Support

AWHF is Funding Rehabilitation for 25 Wounded Soldiers in Yerevan ($6,000 per month)

The soldiers have various injuries and are at different levels of rehabilitation. AWHF is funding a large team of doctors, therapists and other personnel as well as the soldiers’, and if necessary, families’ lodging and nutrition expenses.

You can join us and sponsor a soldier for $200 per month. You can also volunteer to teach or even entertain (see below pictures from Nune Melikyan’s private violin performance for the soldiers).

AWHF Sponsors Sargis Stepanyan, 33, for the Paralympics Arm-Wrestling Championship (Completed)


Sargis Stepanyan, 33, pictured here with his nephew, is a special ops soldier who lost both his legs and one arm while retrieving his fallen comrades under enemy fire.  AWHF sponsored Sargis for the international paralympic arm-wrestling competition in Bulgaria this past October — as he continues to serve as an example of recovery and perseverance for all of our heroes.

In the longer term, Sargis will need advanced prosthetics to return to a fully functioning life. This is estimated to cost $60,000. Sargis has served as a mentor to other wounded heroes and actively provides counseling. His goal is to work with AWHF to establish a physical and psychological rehabilitation center for our veterans.


Sargis has worked hard to recover mentally and physically to realize his dream of attending the competition, and serving as an inspiration to all our Armenian heroes. Join us in celebrating and supporting Sargis!

Watch below as Sargis Stepanyan defeats his opponent from Ukraine, at the World Arm-Wrestling Championship in Bulgaria.


AWHF Delivers $5,000 of Household Goods and Medical Treatment for Grigor Harutunyan, 14 (Completed)


Grigor’s father died defending Artsakh from Azeri aggressors in early April 2016. Grigor suffers from cerebral palsy, and his family has been unable to provide the necessary medical treatment. AWHF will finance a full year of treatment for Grigor, and delivered basic household items, including a refrigerator, oven, television, and other appliances, as well as basic furniture and food items to his house in Shushi.



Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund is a US-based charity 501(c)(3)