About AWHF

Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to serving our heroes; standing with them through challenging times, saving lives, and supporting the rehabilitation of our wounded heroes who have sacrificed all for our homeland.

AWHF founders will continue to cover all administrative costs to ensure that 100% of every dollar donated goes toward procuring and deploying modern equipment to our heroes, and that all aid and equipment reaches 100% of its intended recipients through a rigorous monitoring mechanism.

Our 2017 Mission

AWHF had a successful first year, with four completed and one in-process project

Through the support of our donors, AWHF raised more than $250,000 since launching in May 2016.  100% of every dollar raised went directly to our heroes and their families.  The 2016 projects consisted of delivering military-grade, first-aid kits to two regions in Artsakh (2 separate projects), supporting a fallen hero’s family with household needs and medical treatment and funding a wounded hero’s dream of representing his country on the world stage at the Paralympics.  We are also in the process of helping one of our wounded heroes from the April 2016 battle receive life-changing treatment.

In 2017, AWHF plans to complete the treatment for Avetis, expand our first-aid kits project in Artsakh, and complete other projects that will help our heroes and their families.  Once again, thank you to our friends and donors whose support made these projects a reality.

Support Our Initiatives

We ask donors as well as other charitable organizations to join us in our initiatives.

For more information, please visit our website at www.armenianwoundedheroes.com; write to us at info@armenianwoundedheroes.com; or follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ArmenianHeroes/), Twitter (https://twitter.com/ArmenianHeroes) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/armenianheroes/).

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May 15, 2017


Two Strategic Border Regions in Artsakh are Fully Operational and Two Additional Regions Will Receive Military-Grade First Aid Kits this Summer

Since our inception in May 2016, through the generous contributions of our donors, AWHF has raised and deployed over $400,000 for our heroes in Artsakh

In May 2017, AWHF visited two strategic border regions in Artsakh (“zoramas”) to monitor the deployment of 3,000 U.S,-made Tactical Combat Casualty Care Systems deployed in December 2016.  These kits are used by the U.S. Army to prevent combat deaths from extremity bleeding, lacerated lungs, and breathing difficulties caused by penetrating trauma.  In each region, AWHF representatives observed a professionally executed deployment of three levels of kits, from squad medics to  front-line soldiers.  Each soldier has been properly trained on kits assigned to them, and undergoes weekly refreshers.  Advanced training is provided by the new Combat Medic School (funded by the US Government) and is unique to the entire region.
Sadly, both regions have suffered multiple Azeri attacks, and several casualties have already been treated by our heroic medics and delivered safely to hospitals for recovery.

AWHF Accelerates Next Shipment of First-Aid Kits
We are seeking donations to quickly cover 100% of the Artsakh border and protect our troops from constant Azeri aggression.  Thanks to early contributions from our donors, as well as assistance from the Armenian Medical Fund USA ($90,000 for 2017) and Hamazkayin NY ($20,000), we are accelerating the next shipment of kits, totaling $150,000, to fully cover three additional zoramas.  Once deployed, AWHF will have covered approximately 50% of the Artsakh border with advanced, life-saving equipment.

AWHF Funds Advanced Treatment for Avetis Zargaryan

AWHF raised $30,000 to fund the advanced treatment for Avetis Zargaryn, the most heavily injured surviving hero of the April 2016 war.  Avetis’ spine was severely injured in multiple areas from combat wounds, leaving him paralyzed for eight months. In mid-January, AWHF transported Avetis to Moscow for intensive, advanced treatment.  Within two months, Avetis was able to sit upright, move his arms and legs, and even brush his own teeth.  Avetis is now back in Yerevan for rest and basic rehabilitation. As soon as Avetis is ready, AWHF has committed to funding  one more treatment session in Moscow.  Thank you to our donors who saved this young hero from permanent paralysis.


Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund is a US-based charity 501(c)(3)